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If you're going for the classic sexy statement fit...


Nordstrom, $56

Savage x Fenty, $74

Free People, $94

Here are some drool-worthy teddies that will make you feel
 like a goddess. Nordstrom is an awesome place to invest in statement pieces, and they have all the basics! Adore me has great affordable option with tons of variety, and Savage X Fenty is Rihanna's size inclusive brand that makes gorgeous high-quality pieces.

If you still want classic, but with a side of midriff


Urban Outfitters, $45

Amazon, $17.99

Savage x Fenty, $74.90

There are TONS of places to get sexy bras or panties, but here a few hot finds that you can buy as a set for under $100!

To style two piece sets for the shoot, it can be fun to bring a flannel, robe, or loose t-shirt to wear for some of the shots --& then take off of course ;)

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Teddies & bodysuits are a great place to start with lingerie because they are a bit higher coverage, flattering on any body type, and stay in style despite changing trends!

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If you want something a little more scandy mandy


Nasty Gal, $21.60

Nasty Gal, $14

Savage x Fenty, $64.95

Sheer fabric, strings, & as much skin as possible! That is the theme of these bold and badass fits.

If you're torn about buying something like this, you can always take another outfit up a notch by taking a few topless photos! I never post nudity on my accounts, and your albums are private/password protected so like, why not right?

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If you want some extra-sexy size inclusivity


Nordstrom, $40.55

Kelly's Kloset, $33.99

savage x Fenty, $44.95

Whether you are bootylicious, boobylicious, or just all around licious, here are some shops that will guarantee flattering, size inclusive options for all of the gorgeous body diversity that comes with being a woman.

If you buy from Nordstrom, they actually do alterations on most of their lingerie as well! I've gotten bras fitted to my specific (hard to find) size, and they want to make sure anything you buy makes you feel amazing!

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If casual intimates are more your vibe


Free People, $32

Aerie, $31.95

Urban Outfitters, $34

You don't want to pose for tons of photos waring something that doesn't feel like *you* and I don't blame you! I have plenty of gals that opt to wear more casual sets that fit their personality but still show off their beautiful bodies.

It's not pictured here, but I've also found some AWESOME casual bralette/panty sets in the clearance section in Nordstrom's lingerie department!

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Nordstrom, $37

Bare Necessities, $34

Free People, $85

Why not a little of both? Here are some fits for the gals who aren't FULLY comfortable stripping all the way down, but still want to feel sexy & free!

These pieces tend to be a *bit* pricier, but I've found that in real life..er..sexy situations, it can be just as (if not more) fun to have something a bit more concealing on first before you, ya know, actually get naked.

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If your mind says modest but your heart says flaunt it


Nordstrom, $44

Savage x Fenty, $64.95

Free People, $140

These sets are fun, slightly unconventional a little out there. Perfect for someone who wants to make a trendy statement in their photo sesh!

Free People & Savage X Fenty definitely rule the world of non-traditional lingerie, so have a browse there for more outfits along these lines. Or, for a more affordable option with lots of unique styles, try Shein!

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If you want something unique (or you're an enneagram 4...)


Free People, $30

Intimissimi, $69

Free People, $99

Just a few ideas for ways you can create some variety in your looks, as well as have something to "take off" in the beginning of your shoot. 

1. Wear an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt with cute undies to start. Then you can unzip it or tie it up, and use it as a drop as you undress. You can even steal one of your boo's sweatshirts/shirts if you are gifting them the photos ;)

2. A robe or open white dress shirt is great for complimenting a beautiful two piece set. Depending on the look, a flannel can also look great for these shots!

3. Wearing an off-the shoulder sweater or open cardigan can create a sensual/classic vibe for the first couple shots in your session. Preferably something soft & cozy!

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Fun pieces to style with your skivvies


Nasty Gal

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Anya Lust


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